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Software Testing

Software Testing

Software testers are responsible for evaluating the quality and functionality of a software product. They work closely with software developers and project managers to ensure that software products are tested thoroughly and meet all requirements.

Oluwatomisin Onabajo

Oluwatomisin Onabajo


Oluwatomisin Onabajo

The primary goal of a software tester is to ensure that the software product is reliable, functional, and meets the requirements specified by the client or end-users. They use a variety of testing techniques, including manual and automated testing methods, to evaluate the software product's performance, functionality, and usability.

Software testers must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of software development processes and testing methodologies. They must be able to communicate effectively with other team members, including developers and project managers, to report and resolve any issues identified during testing.

What you will learn

  • Creating test plans

  • Designing test cases

  • Executing tests

  • Reporting bugs

  • Collaborating with the development team

  • Reviewing documentation

  • Analyzing test results

Total Cost



Full time


6 Weeks



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