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About Us

Our story began from the need to close the diversity and inclusion gap in the tech Australia sector. Only 3% of Africans work in Tech Australia, this is despite the fact that more than 60% have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree academic qualification, so the question is not only about skills but enormous barriers to entry.

This problem resulted in Noah Oloja, founder of Syncskills, creating an avenue to solve this acute challenge and progressively increase participation of African Immigrants who are passionate to make the change by at least 10-15% at the end of 2030 which means there will be at-least 10,000 new African tech professionals.

Let's talk about the barriers to entry
Noah Oloja
Tayo Oriowo
Tosin Omilani
Employers lack of understanding of visa conditions
Not willing to hire without local work experience.
SyncSkills acts as the vital link between tech talent and industry requirements. We offer expert tailored training and career coaching designed to catapult motivated professionals into their desired careers.

SyncSkills understands the importance of personalized support as no two learners have the same needs, while others might be optimizing for profit, we are committed to your success as we have similar or shared experiences with our learners.
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Our immersive, hands-on courses impart cutting-edge technical and strategic skills that are in high demand.

Benefit from the wealth of experience of our expert instructors, who bring decades of global expertise to the table, empowering you to advance your career. Seamlessly pivot, transition, and flourish with a dedicated mentor guiding you every step of the way.
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Empowering over 1000 learners through hands on training. Join now to launch your career!

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Immigrants from various african countries are a part of our community, from Ghana and Nigeria to Kenya and Zambia

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Our students have secured high paying jobs with average salary of A$100k+ within 1 week to 4 months.

Businesses that are looking to train, upskill or diversify their workforce with African highly skilled tech talents are also a fit for us to work with.
We provide workforce training in Software testing to improve the quality of products delivered to customers, Business Analyst and Project Management to move organisations towards efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Noah Oloja
Career coach, Trainer & Mentor
With nearly a decade of experience in Software Testing and Project & Product Management working with leading organisations such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Interswitch, and RS2; he has two Master's degree from University of Hull (Advance Computer science) and University of Lagos (Information Technology).

Noah has been a career coach for more than 5years helping over 1,000+ individuals get ahead in their careers over the years.

He is the co-founder of Association of Nigeria Software Testers- a non profit association with focus on deepening the influence of professional software testers and QA engineers in Nigeria and abroad.He is dedicated to helping people transition into tech and make meaningful careers by offering trainings and mentorships.
Tayo Oriowo
Trainer, Technical Business Analyst
Tayo Oriowo is a dedicated advocate for change in the tech industry. With a background in Professional accounting, Human resource management and a keen understanding of the barriers faced by marginalized communities, Tayo embarked on  creating pathways to success through coaching and mentoring passionate minds and as such co-founded SyncSkills, a platform dedicated to training and fostering opportunities for highly motivated individuals to explore roles such as Business analyst.

As someone who has embraced change, undergone training and mentorship into the realm of technology,  Tayo is currently serving as a Senior Business Analyst at Heritage and People's Choice Ltd, one of Australia's largest mutual banks.

With a versatile background as a Scrum Master, Tayo has acquired certifications such as professional scrum product owner as well as a professional scrum master.

Tayo Oriowo continues to mentor, coach and , inspire others to embrace their potential and chart their own paths to success in the Tech world.
Tosin Omilani
Trainer, Senior Business Analyst
Tosin is an experienced business analyst with domain knowledge in e-commerce, community services, health, Education and research.

Tosin currently works in health services as a Senior business analyst with one of the leading health service providers in Queensland, Australia.

Tosin is a Certified Business Analysis Professional with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and a Certified Product Owner and Scaled Scrum Master. He has a Masters degree in Engineering and  prior experience working in the maritime industry as a Maritime Surveyor.

Tosin has coached and mentored numerous people and is passionate about helping willing individuals to attain the skills and knowledge they require to successfully transition to tech roles.
Tolulope Adeleke
Growth Specialist
Social Media Manager
Glory Ariyo
Business Analyst
Salawat Wahab
Scrum Master
Noma Edeki
UI / UX Designer
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