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Software/ QA Tester Course

Software/ QA Tester Course


10-12 weeks

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Class is in session

Class is in session


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3hrs per session, Thursdays and Fridays

Software testers are responsible for evaluating the quality and functionality of a software product. They work closely with software developers and project managers to ensure that software products are tested thoroughly and meet all requirements.
The primary goal of a software tester is to ensure that the software product is reliable, functional, and meets the requirements specified by the client or end-users. They use a variety of testing techniques, including manual and automated testing methods, to evaluate the software product's performance, functionality, and usability.

Software testers must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of software development processes and testing methodologies. They must be able to communicate effectively with other team members, including developers and project managers, to report and resolve any issues identified during testing.

Learning Objectives


Excellent , well outline and directives for easy understand

Sylvanus Ubana

Our classes are both insightful and Engaging

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Our Learning Roadmap

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Secure the Job
Mock Interview prep
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Ats compliant Resume
Certification support
Instructor led

Courses Schedule

Week 1 - Getting Warmed-Up

  • Introduction to Business Analysis

  • Who is a Business Analyst

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a BA

  • Business Analyst skills

  • BA Job prospects

  • Business Analysis Process Framework

  • Stakeholder Analysis

Week 2 - Understanding Business Context and SDLC

  • Organisational model

  • Understanding strategy

  • Project Types

  • Project Plan

  • SDLC 

  • Software Development team

  • Software development Environment

Week 3 & 4 - Business Analysis Planning and Requirement gathering

  • Business Analysis Planning

  • RACI Chart

  • Challenges of Requirement Gathering

  • Elicitation techniques

  • Interview- What to do before, during and after.

  • Workshop- How to prepare for workshops

  • Observation

  • Focus Groups

  • Requirement Traceability matrix

Week 5 - Requirements

  • What is a requirement?

  • Requirement Lifecycle

  • What is a good requirement - SMART

  • Functional Requirements

  • Non-functional requirements

  • Actors and Personas

  • Epics, Features

  • User stories & Tasks Acceptance Criteria.

Week 6 - Mastering Agile

  • Scrum process

  • Scrum Ceremonies

  • Scrum Artifacts

  • Definition of done/definition of ready

  • Ready for sprint

  • Capacity planning.

  • Release planning.

  • Attend live scrum ceremonies

Week 7 - BPMN

  • What is BPMN?

  • Categories and Types of BPMN

  • Process Flow diagrams

  • Swimlanes Diagrams

  • Use Case Diagrams- Review the diagram

  • GAP analysis

  • Class Activity and project work.

  • Walkthrough on, Miro, lucidcharts.

Week 8 - Introduction to Software Testing

  • Change management approach- Waterfall & Agile

  • Who is a change manager ? .

  • Migration- System, Data migration

  • Migration approach

  • What is software testing

  • Why is testing important?

  • Types of testing

  • Bugs, errors, defects.

  • How to conduct User Acceptance testing

  • Test Case development

Week 9 - Product Management

  • What is a product

  • Types of products

  • Product structures B2B vs B2C

  • PO roles and responsibilities

  • PM/PO

  • Product Lifecycle

  • Product Vision

  • Product roadmap and prioritization

  • Personals and User journeys

Week 10- Technologies

  • System Integration

  • APIs

  • Databases

  • Introduction to SQL.

  • Backend and Frontend development.

  • Cloud technologies

You would be taught by industry experts : 

Noah Oloja

Career Coach, Trainer and Mentor

Tally Group

Tayo Oriowo

Trainer, Technical Business Analyst

Heritage and People’s Choice Ltd

Tosin Omilani

Trainer, Senior Business Analyst

Mater Group

Classes Holds :

Thursday : 5:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Friday : 5:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Quick Fact :

0ur cohorts are people from diverse backgrounds with a common goal

The average salary for a business analyst is about $110,000


Payment Options


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Instant access to all the benefits.
One time payment saving $150

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Flexible payment plan over an extended period  totalling A$

We also offer custom payment according to your preference

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